An idea born in Lisbon that got too big for a living room. So, we’re welcoming everyone to gather and enjoy music from the most relevant to the less obvious. Through a careful curation of local agitators, fresh souls and international institutions, we invite selectors to dig extra deep into their crates and make people feel something special on the dance floor. Normally out of the clubs, in a deep search for hidden locations. Except Anjos70, which is where you’ll find us the most. Our home. We also DJ, as O/B DJs. Sometimes we throw concerts too but not that regularly. Ask us whatever you want to know via our contacts or just join us whenever!



Afonso . Azymuth . Bárbara Alves . Black . Budino . Caio T
Caroline Lethô . Cedric Woo . Chima Hiro . Conhecido João . CVLT
Dan Shake . Debora Ipekel . DJ AL . DJ Carie . Donna Leake . Ece Duzgit
Felipe Steiner . Funkamente . Gop Tun . Gui Scott . João Tenreiro
Joe Delon . John Gómez . Liamba . Mad Miran . MAFALDA . MARCELLUS PITTMAN
Marcos Valle . María P . Mário valente . Maryisonacid . Mendel . Millos Kaiser . Mystic Jungle Nascii . Nick The Record . O/B DJs . ORLANDO . Orpheu The Wizard . Pedro Beça . Raphaël Top
-Secret .
Red Greg . Rita Só . Sheri Vari . Stasera . Tako . Telma . Terzi . Tiago
Trol2000 . Varela . Vince FU . VOLCOV . Will Grant . Wilson Vilares